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New Castle Motorsports Park, 2016 Riley's Children Hospital Benefit Race

Race for Riley / SKUSA - The 2016 Race for Riley Children's Hospital will take place on Tuesday July 19th. With that coming weekend being the SKUSA Summer Nationals at NCMP, SKUSA has agreed to allow SKUSA racers to enter the Race for Riley as a tune up event for the Summer Nationals. All classes except LO206 will run SKUSA engine rules -

Mini Swift - MG Red Tires or Bridgestone YLC
TaG Junior - MG Yellow or White Tires or Bridgestone YLM or YLC
TaG Senior - MG Yellow or White Tires or Bridgestone YLM or YLC
Shifter -
MG Yellow or White Tires or Bridgestone YLM or YLC
Briggs LO206 - Bridgestone YLC only

MG Whites will be available at the track as well as VP Racing Fuel.

This is a great opportunity for SKUSA racers to race at NCMP as well as a great chance to put real kart racing in front of hundreds of non-racers and members of the media.

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